Mutigrain Levain

INTRODUCTORY PRICING! This is a lower hydration, hearty loaf. It's great on its own, or slathered with a healthy amount of salty butter. Made with organic, non-GMO flour made from a blend of hard red winter and hard red spring wheat, spelt flour, plus a small amount of organic white bread flour. A third of the flour in this loaf is organic spelt. Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat. The gluten in spelt has a different molecular make-up than the gluten in modern wheat. It is more fragile and more water soluble, which makes it easier to digest. Spelt is also higher in fiber than wheat, and the extra fiber aids in the digestion of the gluten. The grain is milled and then bolted (sifted) to remove a small amount of the bran.

Water, leaven (bread flour, rye flour, water, sourdough starter), bread flour (unbleached hard red wheat flour, malted barley flour), type 85 bread flour (hard red winter and hard red spring wheat, malted barley flour), type 85 spelt flour, quinoa, steel-cut oats, purple barley, spelt, amaranth, bulgur, golden flax seed, salt.


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