Multigrain Sandwich Loaf

A 50%+ whole wheat pan loaf made with both sourdough and a smidge of commercial yeast. I add soaked buckwheat groats, oat flakes and purple barley flakes into the mix for additional texture and flavor (and nutrition!). This is a great everyday bread for toast and sandwiches - it's wheat-y and flavorful but not heavy. The wheat used here is freshly milled spelt from Rocky Draw Farm in addition to high extraction wheat flour. Spelt is easier to digest than other forms of wheat. The barley flakes, sourced from Camas Country Mill, are from an ancient Himilayan landrace variety.

type 85 bread flour (hard red winter and hard red spring wheat, malted barley flour), freshly milled spelt flour, water, leaven (bread flour, rye flour, water, sourdough starter), rolled oats, buckwheat groats, rolled barley, honey, salt, yeast.


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Pickup: Oct 13th